Back From Fall Market

Quilt Market in Houston has come and gone and I am back at home and ready to get down to business. It was so exciting to meet so many interesting people and see all of the new lines being presented during the SchoolHouse Series. Since this was my first experience at Market I was surprised how mellow the whole thing was. Even the Sample spree was pretty tame compared to things I had heard. There was definitely a rush on Moda and Andover cleaned up with their Downton Abbey Line. I mostly found everything that I was looking for and the buying stopped about the time that my husband and I could no longer carry our bags. I sent him to the moda table thinking that he might have an easier time getting through the hoards of women surrounding the behemoth of a booth. Not so, apparently getting inbetween a woman and her sample fabric is like getting in between a mother bear and her cub, but with more blood. I on the other hand swiftly walked around gathering bundles and only getting moderately jostled in the aisles. I think most of these women have never been to a Cramps show in San Francisco on Halloween night. Having said that, everyone was very nice and I was very surprised how kind the people we met really were.

During the actual Market I completely fangirled when I stopped by the Cotton and Steel booth. I got a picture with Melody Miller and Rashida Coleman-Hale and I am pretty sure I said “I’m so excited” about 27 times. They were both very kind if not somewhat bewildered. I felt like I was gate crashing just a bit, we are still such a small site that I felt very intimidated watching everyone else go about their business. Then we sat down with our very kind rep and hammered out all our orders. It was fast and easy and fairly painless.

The hard part is deciding what to carry. Obviously we have to be very choosy when deciding what to have on our site. I was a little frusterated when we first started walking the floor looking at fabrics that I had only seen online. Some of them were disappointing in person or the colors were off. When I walked past the Monaluna booth I didn’t know that they designed fabric. I just saw the cute patterns and I was going to keep walking but I stopped and asked about the fabrics they were using. I am very glad I did because Monaluna makes the most beautiful 100% GOT certified organic cotton fabrics. Their knits are perfect for children, with sweet little animal and forest motifs that I can not wait to sew up into samples.

After my Monaluna meeting I was able to sit down with Birch Organics, Andover and a few other companies and really figure out what I want Queen Bee Fabrics to look like. I am so excited for the fabrics to start shipping, there just isn’t a better package than one you can barely lift and is stuffed with bolts.

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